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Product description

Model: MOU 1

The grinding machine is a special grinding machine used for processing magnetic tile. The various surfaces of the magnetic tile are processed by the grinding method. The operator only needs to put the product in order to the conveyor belt. Automatic feed material, continuous grinding, to increase efficiency and improve the accuracy and reduce the labor intensity of, especially in mass production, plummeted 70% of the cost of production is processing magnetic tile project selection.

Main technical parameters

Head lift travelSpindlespeed

Item parametersparameter
Device dimensions (l * w * h) (mm)1600×900×1700(mm)
Spindle motor power4KW
Emery wheel diameter Φ180~Φ220
Magnetic tile arc width≤32mm
Feed motor power2-20m/min
Head lift travel70mm
Axial travel of grinding head40mm

Grinding precision


Product surface roughness


Grinding wheel type

The diamond grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel is optional, optional grain number

Conveyor belt size (perimeter * width)


Equipment weight


* technology innovation and improvement, parameters will be changed, with the actual date of the latest data!

Product details

High rigidity of grinding wheel spindle.

Double guide rail structure has been the national patent

(Patent No.: ZL2015201025162.7)

Advanced structure, super high precision, super high strength

The grinding wheel spindle can not be shut down for the axial dimension adjustment (product symmetrical adjustment),

Is the grinding wheel R center aligned with the center of the product.

Convenient size adjustment

High speed forming grinding, grinding wheel line speed of up to 50m/s to 30m/s (root

According to user requirements), grinding efficiency is high, the product size consistency is good, the grinding wheel life Long life.

Adjust the speed according to the request

Pressing wheel up and down synchronous rotation (can be stepless speed control) to make the product conveying uniform,

Can avoid the damage caused by products.

High quality stability

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